Text 18 Aug 5 notes And that’s it…

Keeping the set of spells that keep the terminal running is too tiring. I’m dropping them now, and may attempt to connect again at a later time… but don’t hold your breath. The leak is progressing. Maybe I’ll get on line once more - but more likely, never.

Text 18 Aug 1 note

A lot of ponies throw around racial slits like “son of a mule” or “jackass”. What is it that donkeys, and seemingly especially mules, have done to earn such ire and despise?

Specieism or racism are quite universal and don’t require any motivation other than plainly “being different”. It’s about own sense of superiority, inflated ego, not about hate towards others.

Being friends with a donkey, and sometimes getting into heated argument with them will teach you some of the words they do have for us, ponies. I won’t reveal them, because that would only cause unnecessary hostilities, but let me say they’ve been more creative in devising “alternative names” for our species than we’ve been respective to them. They held quite deep resentment for our sense of superiority, and let me say, while I considered myself very open-minded and striving to treat all races equally, Sing-Sing managed to teach me how much of a bigot I was at times, completely unwittingly.

Text 18 Aug 2 notes

Speaking of dreams, what would be your best and worse you’ve had so far?


Foalhood dream, the night after I played Spell Nexus for the whole Stable.

I was living in Ponyville. My mother was Twilight Sparkle - no, that WAS my mom, she just was Twilight Sparkle there and then. Nyx, the little cute filly Nightmare Moon was my younger sister, there was Spike, there was Fluttershy… It was a beautiful, sunny day and there never was any war. Some ponies had bullied Nyx before and I promised I’d defend her…


It involved Willow disemboweled, draped over the Stable doors, but still alive.

Text 18 Aug 2 notes
You mentioned that a pegasus in your employ left for the Enclave after the Enclave’s fight with Fiendfire. How did a pegasus end up working for you? What was he or she like?

Have you ever met a gray pegasus named Dawn?

Yes, in the early days of New Filly. She came one day from direction of Hoofington and said she wanted to help. We greeted her with open hooves, and she was definitely helpful, although we… argued a lot. She didn’t really like the way we ran the new initiative, she’d get in fights with the slavers about treatment of slaves, generally rather troublesome - but skilled enough that it was worthwhile. I assigned her to a scouting party where she was far more useful with her wings and wouldn’t be as much of trouble. Then one day - not even a year later - I get a report the Enclave was fighting a dragon, and the next day I hear Dawn took the only pegasus survivor and fled Celestia knows here with him. Never heard of her again.

Dawn was just a short episode; I didn’t really get to know her and she was rather secretive about her past. If you ever get your hooves on Coin Toss, these two spent many hours discussing, she might know more.

Text 18 Aug 2 notes

Were there funny phobias or quirks that you or your team had during your adventuring days? I remember I picked up every intact garden gnome and toy sparkle cola carriage I found.

There were some.

Willow’s “addiction” to wood-sorrel.

Bats was touchy about the subject of his full name. I never learned it.

Dice had a few rituals, like spitting over his shoulder whenever somepony mentioned the Ministries, a “lucky toothbrush” he always had with him even after it went completely bald from constant use (he got new ones then but he still kept “the lucky one”), or drawing three cards from his deck each morning.

The morning of the day Killing Joke got him, he was visibly disturbed by his draw.

If we ever buried a pony I killed, I’d leave the shell from the round that killed them on the grave. I considered it a kind of sign of respect. Sometimes, when the opponent has been honorable, Willow would set the shell upright, fill it with water and put a flower in it, like in a tiny vase. Even if it was just the little Thread Cutter round.

Luckily, the opportunities weren’t frequent.

Text 18 Aug 1 note

Was there ever a pony or other creature you were afraid of? One you’d try anything to not meet?


As much as I despised the Unity, and as I’d be pretty screwed meeting her in person, that was still just a calculated risk, not a deep chill. You’re not scared to death of a ton of explosives either. You know they could kill you but just keep general care and you’re fine.

There are two ponies meeting whom I was deadly scared of.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

I was scared they’d judge me for what I did, after my death. I had no doubt they’d judge me fairly, and then…

Then they’d make me see myself as they would see me.

Text 18 Aug 1 note
Did you ever participate in missions outside Filly after you sat there as the person in charge? Like, gathering important data or search through a vault or two? Y’know, for old time’s sake.

I’d join my units with “surprise visits” and often I’d oversee specific missions in person. Getting my hooves dirty on the front lines or in deathtraps - not really, too much to lose if I failed, but I did give Dragon Heart some action now and then.

Text 18 Aug 1 note

I met a mare from the 9th on the tracks to Appleoosa. Apparently a big mob of slaves rushed the school, probably heard about your escape route. There was a big firefight, and Stern had the tunnels blown. She also says a bunch of the little ones were taken by skywagon to the south. Know where they might have been headed?

By skywagon? South? Dise. They’ve been taken as slaves for the “pleasure city”…

Text 18 Aug 2 notes

Red Eye, did any of the slavers you employed ever use Robots or Power Armor?

Power armor - no, we had better uses for the fission batteries. Robots - yes, for where the slaves would either die off far too quickly or cause too much damage. Explosives storage, radioactive material high-purity side of the manufacturing line and such.

Text 18 Aug 2 notes Early New Fillydelphia

Greetings RedEye I would like to learn more of your history such as the building of your empire more specifically you clearing the city to build said empire, who helped, why and how did you conquer the city what was I like before. To add I would like to learn more about your friends, your life I just feel life there’s a very interesting history about you that I would like to learn.

Mostly a textbook example of “a gang rising to power”. We did have a plan, we did have resources, we didn’t blunder aimlessly but we wouldn’t neglect unforseen opportunities as they presented themselves.

We started with the police station which we converted into our fortress and slave quarters. It was a solid wartime-effort building with big underground shelter meant to contain a lot of civilians in case of aerial strike - not a Stable, not meant to withstand the balefire - although it withstood it, through some luck and honest effort of its builders. We felt right at home in the shelter which we were able to turn pretty much into a Stable. The overground part was relatively easy to fortify. We did have some skirmishes with a local raider gang who thought “we stepped on their turf”… well, me, Rootie, Bats, a couple others set up an ambush… and the raiders became our first batch of slaves not from the Stable.

That’s also when I did the first lasting mistake which bore consequences for years to come.

The jail part was guarded by some of the ponies who really had it bad in the Stable, who really did suffer at hooves of the Elite Caste. They were angry. They were seeking ways to get at their past tormentors.

They locked the new raiders together with our female slaves, and I - still in my grief and anger about Willow’s death - turned a blind eye to that.

Neglected once, it got into a habit. We don’t look what the slavers do to the slaves. We don’t talk about it, we don’t do anything about it. We adhere to equine standards in our own treatment of slaves, but what slaves do to slaves is not our business.

That was the first step down the slippery slope and we rode it all the way to the bottom.

Besides, we had other worries. As soon as the perimeter was secure, we raided the Sparkle-Cola factory. It was long ransacked of anything of value to raiders and scavengers, but the heavy machinery was intact. We got the slaves to start repairs, and we fortified the location and the access route, just three blocks or so to the police station.

That’s when we had the first run-in with the Steel Rangers. They heard we repair some machinery and suddenly a building they’ve been passing a thousand times by in the past became their point of interest and they wanted to “secure the technology”.

We managed to bribe them with some technology from the Stable to leave the factory. Grenade launchers, rockets, no, the machines wouldn’t survive that.

Once the factory was out of range, we fought. We took some losses - the first actual casualties, other than a single radscorpion victim on the way. Still, Dragon Heart prove itself in that combat, the rangers were defeated… and we had the first serious enemy in the city.

Luckily, by then, we got the first line running. Two caps per second, sustained. We sent out couriers to seek mercenaries, with enough caps up-front to get them into serious talks.

Out of six teams sent out, two returned, but three in total managed to find mercenaries. One of the mercenary groups was deemed too unreliable (somehow they got their hiring team killed - we learned later we were right, these were rogues who would definitely hijack our operation and possibly turn us into slaves). There were two other leaders of two groups: a serious, elder gryphon whose name I can’t recall anymore, and a young, energetic and strong one. I picked the young one, hoping she’d be easier to control. Oh, how wrong I was!

The elder one had a daughter, a cub at that time, name was Gawdyna. We stayed in contact, we’d hire them for odd jobs, but they were left as the outsiders. I hired Stern on a permanent contract though and her mercenaries became the essential part of our forces.

With the gryphon firepower on our side we began expanding. We took over the University of Fillydelphia campus and within next year transferred there making it our new base, the police station remaining just an outpost and quarters for the skeleton crew of slaves required to keep the caps factory running, and enough force to defend it.

In the meanwhile I led a large team to go find ponies to join our cause. That was an essential step, we wanted to keep the slave force minimal and primarily build with volunteers. That’s also when DJ-Pon3 began the slander campaign. That’s when our goodwill expedition turned into the first slave hunt. Warning others against us coming as slavers became a self-fulfilling prophecy and the routine. When we’d visit first, we’d take “No, thanks, but good luck to you” and accept it, help the settler a little and move on. But once we got too much of “You won’t take me alive! I know who you are!” we stopped being nice.

Good job, DJ-Pon3, you got several thousands ponies into slavery.

Now we could get to serious expansion. The first sector of the wall, the Alpha-Omega hotel, scavenger and scout teams everywhere, both hiring, recruiting and slave capture operations in full effect. Doc got a laboratory running at the university, and around that time Fiendfire the dragon was saved at the edge of the Everfree Forest.

Within the next five years we got the Departments running - Command, Civil, Military, Hospital, School,  Library, Engineering, Research and Pits.

Then we had our first run-in with the Unity. But that’s a different story.

Text 18 Aug 3 notes The Wastes have the last laugh.

There was some old piping that survived the explosion, running quite a bit up before getting obliterated by the explosion - my bubble shielded it from the worst of it, and only falling debris damaged it. Anyway, that piping was to supply chemicals for the supply corridor, and provide connectivity for my terminal.

Pink cloud found the way in.

I spent last months jury-rigging repairs of the terminal and trying to protect it from further damage. The keyboard got glued permanently. Some of the insides got broken beyond repair. I managed to get some spells running that replace them, but I can’t maintain them. I stuffed the piping with all I had and tried to divert the pink cloud, but you know how resilient it is. This may just as well the last batch of messages I’m getting out. I know the damage will progress and eventually cut me off. What happens after that? Only excavation crews will know.

Text 16 Apr 2 notes

Anonymous said: Didn't anything in the Hoofington Core interest you? I know I would be interested. Of course I never had the caps to send mercs in there if I wanted.

I had the caps. I never got to spend them. None of these who went to the Core ever returned to claim them.

Text 16 Apr 1 note

Anonymous said: Are you even sure that was actually one of your soldiers? This is the Tumblrverse after all, and behind the wall of anonymity humans can be exceptionally cruel.

I distinctly remember little Peaches showing me a drawing of herself and a big stallion with a pair of battle saddle mounted guns. She said he was her brother, and that he was “in the forest.”

Text 12 Apr 2 notes

one-who-is-none-the-wiser said: I think those questions are better asked to Littlepip than me or any other person/pony.

Her? No. She has no clue. She’s never had it hard.

Text 12 Apr 3 notes

one-who-is-none-the-wiser said: Don't tell you me that your blaming yourself for their deaths. I know you cared for them but being depressed like that doesn't help their case, besides they wouldn't have wanted you to be all sad like this.

No, I’m blaming the Wastelands. It was me versus it, since I emerged from the Stable, always at war. And when I thought I dealt it a killing blow… it struck back. It has proven again, that no matter how prepared you are, how strong, how well you protect these most precious to you… it can get them, destroy them.

All my weapons, all my might couldn’t oppose the silent poison it kept seeping into hearts of these tasked with evacuation of the school, with protection of the little ones. When the time came, all technological and logistic measures were in place. It was the pony factor, the minds and the hearts of these who were to do the job, corrupted by the Wastes, that failed.

When the Wastes can’t just walk all over you and trample you into the ground, when they can’t bleed you dry as you keep opposing oncoming wave, when they throw all they have at you and you capture it and turn it against them - then they silently corrupt the ones that stand by you, and make them stab you in the back - not for their profit, not out of fear, not from greed, just - so that the Wastes could win.

How do you fight an enemy like that? How do you oppose such a threat?

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