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ragequit1 said: Let's be serious here. Even if LittlePip did spill the beans to you about Gardens (which she totally should have, dumb broad), would you have strayed from your path? I'll say truthfully: If I were in your shoes- er- hooves, I wouldn't have. Why put all of your belief into some mega spell machine that requires six distinct Celestia-knows-if-they-even-exist beings? What if the machine broke long ago and is defunct anyways? Your method was the right way. Gritty, yes, but it was going to work.

Yes, it wouldn’t change much.

I’d certainly give them a chance. I might have used the threat of destroying them as a “leverage” to get Spike to fight on my side, but I’d never live up to this threat (and if he saw through my bluff, I’d just say “okay, you win”.) And once New Fillydelphia’s position would be secured, a work to activate the Gardens would begin in the earnest.

The Gardens weren’t a silver bullet. The clouds were a worse problem. The land would grow crops with enough light even without the purge. Oh, if Littlepip gave me access to SPP, that would have changed my plans. It’s an ultimate weapon against the Enclave forces, and it would allow me to win the war with far less casualties than it cost in Littlepip’s way. But the Gardens were an unknown, valuable on the long run, but useless on the short schedule Enclave had set.

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Anonymous said: Littlepip reffered to you as the Corrupted element of Generosity. (just as she considered herself the corrupted element of kindness for a while thanks to The Goddess) Do you take offense to this title?

No, no ofense. This is not offensive, just wrong.

If anything, I was more similar to her than she cares to admit. The corrupted virtue of Sacrifice. I sacrificed everything I had, and when that wasn’t nearly enough, I sacrificed things that weren’t mine to sacrifice. My life and lives of countless others, often against their will.

She did too. She made many sacrifices that weren’t hers to make. Some really big ones, well on par with me. The only difference is I made mine knowingly, while she learned of some of her own only after the fact, and about many others she doesn’t know to this day.

I’m not going to change that. Why, to rub it in just to hurt her?

Ignorance is bliss.

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Anonymous said: I recently ambushed a group of slavers and looted, among other things, a peculiar energy weapon. It has three settings; the standard 'kill things' mode, a setting that seems to drive anything with a brain into a frenzy, and one that can only be described as mind control. I think it's pretty clear how the slavers were using it. Now, I'm hesitant to just destroy it, since it's already saved my life from raiders a few times, but it makes me nervous owning something like this. What should I do?

And you’re asking me of all ponies? Littlepip is that way.

Seriously though, destroy it so thoroughly that no trace of this technology remains, preferably melt into a puddle with some energy weapon. Simple minds used it for simple purposes. But imagine please, what would happen if it fell in hooves of the Enclave? Hit Homage, tell her to kill Littlepip. Take over Tenpony Tower. Take over NCR.

Get rid of it if you want to live. You did wisely that you asked anonymously. If they learn of you possessing this, they will take it from you, and knowing their methods - most likely they’ll kill you to remove all traces. If you sell or hide it, they will interrogate you… and they WILL find it. Get rid of it, thoroughly.

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Anonymous said: I see you truly did plan to rebuild Equestria as it was before the war.

…but with safeguards. So that the war would never happen again. Day to day life would be the same, or at least very similar. But if things went wrong, we wouldn’t be as powerless, as clueless.

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Anonymous said: Wait, WHAT!? You were actually considering "Pulling a Nightmare Moon" as a legitimate course of action? Even assuming the Red Eye, Auttum, whoever fusion would be smart and sane enough to use a solar eclipse instead of... whatever the hell else you were planning on doing that's still just one interruption or miscast away from Eternal Night of "72 hours til the end of the world". Forget Atomic War or Discord, Eternal Night would leave this world a frozen lifeless rock with no hope of recovery!

Actually… I just thought of four reasons why four sorts of ponies would want to bring about a prolonged period of nighttime, and YOU have at least two of them (all four if you have anyone like Autumm fused with you). Frankly, I find it safe to assume that if you ever gain the power to move the moon then it will make your “week of terror” in New Fillydelphia look like a slumber party by comparison.

I see you’re scared. That’s good. That’s the reaction I’d expect.

I expected I’d never have to do it. Primarily, because the need would never occur, Littlepip would be a graceful princess. But even if that’s wrong, I still wouldn’t need to do it. Simply because the threat of doing it - the same dread of the consequences you just felt - would stop any power capable of challenging me from even trying.

Of course the right circles would know of it. After all, what good is a doomsday machine if you don’t tell anyone about it?

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Anonymous said: You've changed so much from the pony you were before you ever left your stable. Is there anything you feel has remained the same? Some incorruptible part of how you see the world, others, and/or yourself? And can you find value in any core element to who you have always been?

A difficult question.

There were many phases that changed me thoroughly and lasted for years.

There are things that I had from birth and they died in me only with fall of Cathedral - like Initiative, being the one who starts things, decides, instead of just observing, following.

Or ones that I gained shortly after leaving the Stable and live in me to this day, like Focus, having some goal and never giving it up until it’s achieved. I think it was my Virtue too.

But from my foal days to this day? I had a hard time thinking of one, but I think it’s Faith. The day I saw the Wastelands, when I got my cutie mark, I knew: This thing will not last. There are ponies who will heal the land, who will make it safe. The Wastelands will end, Equestria will be beautiful again some day.

As I joined the ranks of these ponies, not once my faith was shaken, as I began understanding the scale of the problem and the scarcity and weakness of the fighters. But it never cracked. I fought to the end, and now I have more faith than ever that Equestria will be healed.

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rain-down-love said: Know of any unique Anti-Machine Rifles out there? Seems a lot of Wasteland weapons have what could be considered a legendary counterpart. I would almost expect an Anti-Machine Rifle named Divine Intervention or Hoof of Celestia... At least, the latter case if I wasn't aware of what actually happened to the unfortunate mare.

Other than Dragon Heart in my locker at New Filly?

Dragon Heart was an anti-dragon weapon, official designation IF-x01. Only 47 were ever created, and only because there were exactly that many ponies skilled enough and able to fire them, combining a large body frame and exceptional eyesight.

Designed to be fired strictly in SATS mode from a battle saddle with recoil compensation mount, in prone position (or sitting if aiming at aerial targets), and stock hooked against the soil through a special spike to keep recoil in check. Anything less and you risk spine damage. 25mm AP rounds, the kind used in heavy (anti-tank) turrets, so it wasn’t very hard to obtain. It two Steel Rangers charged in line, it would go right through the first and still have enough energy to kill the second one too. The range… I never utilized the full range. It was something ridiculous, I mean, it was for earth ponies to aid pegasi in fighting dragons in aerial combat somewhere far, far above. Well, suffice to say, I took down a Raptor with it… but I wrote that story already. It didn’t see much use in New Fillydelphia.

We avoided unique/custom rifles in the army, it’s always a liability with replacement parts, uncommon ammo and general know-how, but some of top officers would keep some. We’d rather trade any that we acquired with NCA and Dise for various technologies, so if you seek an area where more of these can be found, it’s there.

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Anonymous said: I think you're suffering from some of the same delusions you had prior to your fall. Namely that you know better than other ponies and would be the right pony to give veto power.You are intelligent and accomplished great and terrible things. You had laid down the path to a future better than you could have hoped, and all that would be required of you in this theoretical leadership position would be to take an active role in its development. But you would be your parole officer's ward, not boss.

pick again. Industry, technology, cybernetics, genetics, education… you spread yourself thin over many different disciplines, even if you had experts on staff to do some of the deepest R&D. My question is what you would bring into the new world, not what you would protect it from.

I’m a good sniper and a good actor, not a good ruler, scientist, teacher, engineer. If I couldn’t delegate actual decision-making to ponies more competent than me, serving as their public face, a buffer between them and the society - no, thanks. I’d rather not pick.

Many - most of these “great and terrible things” weren’t my idea nor my doing. But I gave them my support, my backing, took the credit and the blame alike. I protected their authors from revenge of these affected. I made an illusion of a single pony controlling and performing what was essentially a massive effort by many… many of them not even aware that they participate. That was my skill, my gift and sacrifice.

So if I can’t do what I can do well, I’d rather not try doing something I’m not good at. Let the better than me decide.

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Anonymous said: You've likely been asked a question like this before, and if so ignore it, but if, say, you were found and somehow restored to an earth pony body (not your own, so you could operate freely) and were put in a position of power (maybe after decades of thought Littlepip would have come to the conclusion that you could possibly do some good in the new world, property monitored). What kind of leader would you be? Would your goal return to industry? Would you focus more on education? What?

Heh, if Littlepip set me as a leader, the first thing I’d do is get mental help for her. But… if I were to be set as a leader, after all, I’d settle for the same role as I planned for myself in the triumvirate of the alicorn body: a silent moderator, a safeguard, a passive overseer.

I’m not a very good leader. Sure I’m an efficient leader but that’s not the same thing. Ponies deserve better and need better. They really need leaders better than me, and I’d give that to them. I’d delegate all of my power save for the right to veto, to revoke it. Hopefully I’d never have to use this power. But, being a bad ruler myself, and knowing my shortcomings, I can definitely spot one if I see one.

Whatever the government the ponies decide they want to rule them - democracy, meritocracy, maybe a monarchy based on a guaranteed benevolent rule, like it used to be… I’d let them choose and live with it. But if they choose wrong, if they regret their choice and the government appears too corrupt and too difficult to remove - I’d be there to let them try again, choose better, wiser.

The plan involving me raising the Sun and the Moon? Do you think I’d be doing this just for the hard, necessary work? Sure Littlepip would be doing all the ruling and I was pretty sure she’d do awesome job, but just in case I’m wrong, just in case she’d become corrupt or something like that (or some corrupt faction opposed her), I could always pull a Nightmare Moon. I’m pretty sure a week of nighttime would soften even the most rebellious souls…

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Anonymous said: Re: "For a brief moment I thought about Willow. But no, I wouldn’t want her to see me like this." Would "this" be referring to yourself mutated by IMP, or as Red Eye?

As the failure. I did a lot of things, and great many of them came out for the best in the end. But my own plans… what became of my own work…

Do you remember, how after Stable 60 I hugged Willow and told her “You did the right thing”?

I don’t think she would do the same thing for me now. And I couldn’t bear her being disappointed in me.

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askthemerchantandcompany said: If you had to pull anypony (or griffin, buffalo, ect.) from history to join you... wherever you are, for a week who would it be and why?

Myself from before Willow’s death, to knock some sense into my stupid head. Damned hindsight.

Alternatively, Princess Celestia from before the war. Maybe she’d get a good look at the outside and decide her ponies needing to wear an extra pair of socks to keep their hoofsies warm through the winter is less of a sacrifice than turning Equestria to ashes.

For a brief moment I thought about Willow. But no, I wouldn’t want her to see me like this.

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Anonymous said: you know Redeye, a lot of people give you shit or gave you shit as it were, but whenever I read of your experiances I come across the knowlage that in your position I would do far worse and infact admire what you tried your damnest to do. Far undervalued is the ability to understand that some beings are monsters most of all when we realise that we are one of them or close enough to do what must be done, and some like you did better than that, and for that I applaud you. All I ever did was shoot.

I….think I understand what you said.

Thank you anyway.


To the one who somehow sent me a 9mm pistol and a shard of glass… you KNOW that the transformation made me rather tough and regenerating quickly? All I achieved is sinus ache, because that’s where the bullet is stuck, damned be my adamantium infused skull.

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Anonymous said: The Cake twins demonstrated that it's possible for a pegasus or unicorn foal to be born to earth pony parents so long as they had one of the relevant pony types as an ancestor. Your stable's leadership was pretty obvious in it's intentions towards anyone who wasn't an earth pony. Was this ever a problem? If it wasn't, what do you think you would have done if it was?

For Cake twins, there are other, less noble theories as to their origins. Some of the parties Pinkie organized were truly legendary after all… although it is true dormant genes may activate after a time and such offspring could happen.

From what I know, first, long-time earth pony families were chosen for the Stable. But that would still mean unicorns or pegasi occasionally might happen. That was taken care of in medical though. As you certainly know, every pipbuck monitors health status of its owner, and detecting pregnancy is one of quite basic functions.

The pipbucks were set to notify the owner and the medical staff (in case the owner neglects/avoids visit to the medical on their own), and a medical scan would quickly reveal unicorn or pegasus structure of the developing fetus.

A quick chemical abortion, a few days off work, birth control implant remains inactive so the mare can have another child, everything hush-hush, we didn’t talk about it. “An unfortunate, embarrassing but harmless accident”. That’s what we knew and how it was treated. It happened maybe two times in my lifetime, so the cases were very rare and - supposedly - without any lasting impact, which was one big fat lie.

Thing is, the birth control implants could be enabled or disabled remotely, and while no pairings were ever imposed, only “approved” pairs could have offspring. It was only later that one of Medical students at New Filly was writing a thesis on genetics and analyzed medical records from the Stable, that she discovered all offspring of such a mare would be considered “not viable” and the whole bloodline, along with all relatives marked as “suspicious”, getting the lowest priority in breeding permissions, often ending up childless. Meanwhile, “Pure” earth ponies would be allowed two or three children, and these matching certain standard would be given privileges if they choose the right mate.

That created a kind of caste system, pariahs of undesired, impure breed, and pure-breed elites, in roughly equal proportions. Officially all were equal but the security treated the elites differently, they’d get prioritized in distribution of limited goods, they’d get all the “better jobs” and so on. Some of them shunned the separation and would purposely seek “mates of lowest stance”, but the fate of these pairs… They’d live in misery, childless for years, then there would be a case of rape by a pony from the “elites”, all hushed and without consequences, and the birth control implant would be inactive precisely at the time of rape… and after giving birth, the life of such a pair would be made so miserable that the child would gladly tackle the chance to join the elites to escape the slum.

At least such was the plan and it supposedly worked with most such children, but in reality they carried dissent through their lives, and given opportunity to make a difference they all tackled it happily.

Me? If you want something extra to add to list of my crimes, I murdered my father. No, not my dad who showed me the outside. My true biological father. I was happy to see him sputter blood and thrash on the table as the poison took effect. The others I killed for Willow. But him… that was for my mother.

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Anonymous said: Red eye ten years have gone by and canterlot is clear and a new city now stands in its place. The ghouls you told me about after many months were freed and at great pain to myself I purged their minds of the madness that plagued many and unwarped their bodies as best I could ,and in doing so found my greatest weapon against the madness seeking to warp my mind. I found love and hope in the form of a very old and shunned ghoul a Ms. sparkle she is very special to me so I thank you Blazing Glory.

One problem less on my head. I’m glad to hear that, and I’m quite amazed you managed to un-wrap feral ghouls’ minds. Also, knowing Mrs. Star Sparkle is still alive warms my heart.

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Anonymous said: Got any fears? Like, you know, fear of spiders, snakes, water, small spaces, failure, those kinds of fears.

Currently? Of immortality. One day the terminal will fail, the walls will collapse and I will remain trapped here forever.

Back in my days? Of falling up, into the sky, but I think all the Stable Ponies have that

And snipers. Only being a sniper myself I realized how fragile life is, how easy it is to kill an unsuspecting pony. How utterly helpless you are against a competent sniper. You stand there chatting with somepony and then suddenly their head explodes. And you’re none the wiser, before you have a chance to locate the sniper they will be long gone and another day they will come for you. Even at the top of my career, with two alicorns flanking me and my skull infused with adamantium, I realized a shot from a good anti-materiel rifle two blocks away would end my life instantly. The dramatic wind carrying my cloak? I said it was arranged by the alicorns. What I didn’t say was it was especially erratic and encompassing a much wider area. A special anti-sniper counter-measure against being sniped from outskirts of the city, hundreds of unoccupied blocks. But if one hid in one of closer buildings, using zebra cloaking technology, with a good heavy rifle - I’d be dead. Every public appearance was a gamble.

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